The Adorable Way Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon’s Son Dawson Reacted to Her Pregnancy

Ashley Iaconetti & Jared Haibon Play Most Likely Game

Can we steal you for a sec? 

Because we'd like to share the entirely adorable way Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon's 23-month-old son Dawson reacted to her pregnancy. "He doesn't really get it," Jared acknowledged in an exclusive interview with E! News. "I mean, she keeps pointing to her belly and trying to be like, 'Baby, baby.' But then he points to his own belly. And he's like, 'Baby.' It's like, that's not how biology works, Bro. But sure."

For now the couple—who revealed Ashley's second pregnancy during a Jan. 22 Amazon Live session chatting about their fave baby products—are letting their eldest move at his own pace. 

While he's gone to a few appointments ("We were trying to show him the pictures and the video, like that's going to be your little sibling in there, you're going to be a big brother," recounted Jared), it's a big concept from someone who's still 11 days from his second birthday. 

As Jared joked, "He just learned the difference between blue and red. Give him time on finding out that there's another human being grown in his mom's belly."

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The franchise veterans—who met on Bachelor in Paradise back in 2015 before going on one of the more dramatic journeys in Bachelor Nation history—are just hopeful that Dawson is here to make friends. 

"He loves baby dolls, which is kind of adorable," said Ashley. "He'll always hug them. And then if he sees a baby out in the stroller, he's like, 'Baby!' I'm like, 'That was you a year ago.'"

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As for whether Baby Haibon has a future handing out roses as the Bachelor or as the Bachelorette, "We'll find out the sex," revealed Jared. "We like being prepared." 

And for as honest as Ashley was about experiencing gender disappointment when she learned her eldest would be a boy, "Hilariously, I think it's a little bit more skewed this time where like, I'm the one who doesn't care as much."

She would still enjoy having a girl "so I can have a mother-daughter relationship," she explained, but "especially when I just found out I was pregnant, I was like, do I want a girl anymore? I'm just so used to having Dawson. I just want another little Dawson. Jared is the one that cares a little more this time." 

Eager to enter his Girl Dad era, explained the Help I Suck at Dating cohost, "I see a lot of my friends go through the exact same scenario where the boy leans on mom and the girl leans on Dad. And it's like, I want that relationship. I want my child to lean on me and Dawson's very heavily a mama's boy. So I want the girl for that."  

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Not that the New England native doesn't have fantasies of fielding his own team of footballers. 

"If it is a boy, I love the idea if they're both in sports, which I hope that they are, it would be so much fun to be like Dawson has a game at 8 and then so-and-so has a game at 10," he explained. "That's my jam right there."

As for Ashley, she's just thrilled not to be entirely down for the count. 

Though she admits pregnancy isn't the magical, glowing experience it appears for some  ("I hate the word trigger, but I'm so triggered by these ladies out there with their full-blown makeup and hair and the style your bump. I'm like, I'm going to wear sweatpants until July"), this round is featuring a little less relentless nausea and vomiting than the first when she battled Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  

"I'm so grateful that I'm not going through what I went through with him," she shared. "I don't know how I got so blessed."

Jared Haibon/Instagram

In fact, so far, everything's been coming up roses with this pregnancy. 

With Baby Haibon set to arrive this summer, Dawson will be two-and-a-half years older than his sibling—the same distance between Ashley and younger sister Lauren Iaconetti and Jared and his sister Shannon Haibon

"I just feel like that's a great age gap," she noted. "But when we were thinking about starting trying, I was like, 'Oh, my, I am not ready. How? How is that now? You're telling me if I want them to be two and a half years apart I have got to start now? And that is if we're lucky.' And we were actually just so lucky. I can't believe it happened so fast. It took seven months to conceive Dawson."

Ashley Iaconetti/Instagram

But while Ashley said they're "really excited" about their blooming family, she'd argue they feel less prepared for this new season. 

"The first one, we were just like, 'Oh, yeah, we got this,'" she recalled. "We were so sure. And it was easy for us early on, which I know people have a different experience. But newborn life was really easy for us. So I'm not exactly dreading that phase."

What does bring her pause is thinking about their future helming group dates. "I am concerned about the toddler and the 3-year-old phase," Ashley admitted. Agreed Jared, "Yeah, that's going to suuuuuck."

The Adorable Way Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon’s Son Dawson Reacted to Her Pregnancy

Dare we say it might be the most dramatic stretch of their marriage ever

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